Camel Medium 1 - 50ml

  • Camel Medium 1 - 50ml for artists
  • Modify texture and transparency of paints
  • Suitable for use with acrylic and oil paints
  • Ideal for experimenting and achieving various effects
  • Compact 50ml size for easy incorporation into your toolkit
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Explore the versatility of Camel Medium 1 in a convenient 50ml bottle, specially crafted for artists seeking to enhance their creative expressions. This medium serves as a valuable tool, allowing you to modify the texture and transparency of your paints. Ideal for both acrylic and oil paints, Camel Medium 1 provides artists with the freedom to experiment and achieve various effects in their artwork. The compact 50ml size makes it easy to incorporate into your artistic toolkit. Elevate your artistic journey with the transformative properties of Camel Medium 1.