Doms Pastel Brush Pens - 14 Beautiful Shades

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  • 14 beautiful pastel shades for creative versatility
  • Smooth and precise control for detailed work
  • Ideal for illustration, coloring, and lettering
  • Excellent blending capabilities
  • Suitable for artists and crafters of all levels
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Explore the world of subtle and soothing colors with the Doms Pastel Brush Pens set. This comprehensive set features 14 stunning pastel shades, perfect for artists, crafters, and creatives of all levels. Each brush pen in this set delivers smooth and precise control over your strokes, allowing you to create intricate and expressive artwork. Whether you're illustrating, coloring, or lettering, these pastel brush pens offer exceptional blending capabilities and are easy to work with. Enhance your creative projects with the Doms Pastel Brush Pens set today.